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EZ-Air Tire Gauge (Model# EZ-Air)

Our best selling tire gauge!

Save time - this air through tire gauge eliminates the need to switch back and forth between gauge and air compressor hose while inflating tires.

To read tire pressure clip the EZ-Air tire gauge on to the tire valve stem.

Need air? Use a home or gas station air compressor to inflate directly through the gauge by applying the hose to the EZ-Air.

Add a little too much air? Bleed button allows for easy pressure adjustment.


100 psi steel case gauge, solid brass fittings

Easy to use clip-on chuck

Gauge guard included

Storage pouch included


Lifetime manufacturer warranty

Manufacturer / Brand

G.H. Meiser & Co. / Accu-Gage®

In stock

Storage pouch

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EZ-Air    $ 20.00 + S/H Quantity: out of stock

Shipping/handling (U.S addresses) add $4.95 for 1 tire gauge, $2.00 for each additional tire gauge.

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 Operating Instructions and Warranty


Is the EZ-Air available with a 60psi gauge?
No. Many air compressors' output can exceed this level and will overpressurize and damage the tire gauge.

What type of fitting is the air inlet?
It's a standard shraeder fitting, just like that on a standard auto tire valve.

Is there an adaptor available to connect the tire gauge to my air compressor via an NPT connection?
No, the EZ-Air is not designed to be connected to a compressor in this manner. There is no trigger mechanism on the tire gauge to initiate/stop airflow. It is designed to attach to the valve stem on the tire using the clip on chuck. The air compressor hose is applied to the other end of the tire gauge (shraeder fitting) to air the tire.

Can I get a right angle clip on chuck on the EZ-Air?
No, the only chuck available is the straight clip on chuck shown.

Operating Instructions
Remove tire valve cap.

With clip-on air chuck lever depressed, firmly press chuck onto tire valve stem and release lever. If the air chuck leaks, remove, rotate slightly and reinstall.

Gauge will now read tire pressure.
If air is needed, use a compressor hose designed to be used on a automobile tire valve (shrader valve). Gas station compressors are equipped with this type of hose.
Apply the hose to the EZ-Air.

NOTE: The gauge will not show correct tire pressure while inflating tire.
To read tire pressure, remove the hose from the air inlet. If more air is needed, apply the air hose again.
Add a little too much air? Use the pressure release button on the top of the gauge to adjust pressure.

NOTE: The gauge will not show correct tire pressure while deflating tire.
Remove the EZ-Air.