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With gasoline prices at all time highs, it is more important than ever to get the best gas mileage possible. There are many ways in which you can improve your car's gas mileage, saving you money at the gas pump. While many of these ideas only afford a small savings individually, together they can really make a difference in your car's gas mileage. Not only will these tips gas save money, they will make your road trips more comfortable and safe.

Properly tuned engine
Fixing a car that is noticeably out of tune or has failed an emissions test can impove its gas mileage.

Clean air filter
Replacing a clogged air filter can improve your car's gas mileage by as much as 10 percent. Air filters are easy and inexpensive to replace.

Regular oil changes
It is recommended that you get your oil changed every three to five thousand miles so keep a record of the your odometer reading when you have it changed. You can improve your gas mileage by using the manufacturer's recommended grade of motor oil. Also, look for motor oil that says "Energy Conserving" on the API performance symbol to be sure it contains friction-reducing additives.

Proper tire pressure
When your tires are properly inflated your car will run smoother and use less gas. You can improve your gas mileage by at least 3.3% by keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure.

Sensible driving
Aggressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration and braking) wastes gas. It can lower your gas mileage by 33 percent at highway speeds.

Speed Limit
Gas mileage decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph. Each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional $0.10 per gallon for gas.

better gas mileage
longer tire life
improved handling
increased safety