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4TEC Supercharger Inspection Tool

Invent Tools is proud to introduce a new tool for the BRP Rotax 4TEC SC engine. This tool is used to inspect and replace the SC clutches, without having to mess with all those needle bearings.

This SC Inspection Tool, designed by Danny, allows the removal of the SC gear while retaining the 40 small needle bearings, keeping them in place. The rear of the gear, the rear clutch, and SC shaft flange can now be inspected in SECONDS.

Computer designed and CNC cut from solid brass stock, the precision fit tool easily slides over the end of the SC shaft. This allows for the clutch/gear/bearing assembly to slide off as one unit, gaining access to the rear side of the shaft…which is the side that takes the most abuse and wear.

Don’t worry, those bearings will not come out, thanks to a sliding sleeve that is precision cut, and is guided at the proper speed with a simple o-ring underneath. When done inspecting, simply slide the tool back onto the shaft, and push the entire assembly back on. DONE.

Those days of losing 40 small needle bearings are over. Instead of spending 10, 20, even 30 minutes trying to replace those needle bearings after they fall out has been reduced to SECONDS, saving you time and frustration. The first time you use this tool will force you to ask yourself “Why didn’t I have this tool years ago?!”. When you say that, it means it just paid for itself.

This tool is applicable for ALL SC shafts, from 2004 to current. Early shafts, from 2004-2007, have special instructions (see below). For SC’s that are 2008 and newer, or have been rebuilt/upgraded anytime after 2008, then you do not need these special instructions.

2004-2007 SC Shaft

The tool comes with a generic washer for use with early shafts (from 2004-2007). The reason for the washer, quite simply, is due to the fact that for this tool to work properly on the older shafts, the first clutch must be removed. When removed, it exposes the bearings. Don’t grab too fast, you will pull the bearing off (oops!).

Using the washer helps retain the bearings. This has to be done for these older shafts. If you do not know which shaft you have, simply slide the tool on (as seen in the illustrations) and try to slide the assembly off. If it does not move, then the first clutch is in the way. It is actually the same diameter of the tool, and will not work.

2004-2007 Instructions

2008-Current (including all rebuilds) SC Shaft

The 2008+ and rebuild SC kits all have the same thing in common, both clutches are the same size. This makes using the SC Inspection Tool very easy.

2008-Current Instructions

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